The local web display uses a simple python script to display stored data in a table. The data is pulled from a SQLite data base. The default programmed location of the database is C:\cgi-bin\data.db. This should be the same database that the webdata points to.

The script takes at a minimum 1 parameter. The name of the .cfg file to use to render the page. The files map SHEF codes to stations and a Header Display name. The other 2 possible parameter are a start and end date. The default time window is the last 24 hours.
Here is an example:
<Station> <Sensor> <Header title>
TEST VG Battery
TEST2 HG Stage

The wcds part used to be to identify which archive text file to use. It can no be anything, just have the line there.
There is also an optional sort command that be added to the end and the page will display the stations in the order they are listed after the sort keyword.

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