uAskitd is a smaller foot print version of Askitd. All of the station configs are in there own file and a dcp plug-in modules handles the timing of data collection. The main config file is INSTALL_DIR\config\uaskitd.conf. Station configs on in INSTALL_DIR\config\stations\.
Also, all code goes in one directory, a plug-in modules filename should start with a capitol letter, even on windows.


This file has 2 lines of text in it. The first line contains the output directory where the webdata service will look for data. The second is an output directory for a different program to use the data. It will be slowly phased out.

Station config files

The format of a station configs depends on the module used for that station, except for the first line, which contains the name of the module used to collect data( without the extension. ) See module documentation for more info.

Station Modules

Each DCP/Station module is responsible for handling it's out communications and timing. For it's polling intervals next poll it should keep a file called <station name>.cur which contains a python floating point time value. If a station needs to keep tract of when it was last polled put that information in a file called <station name>.from.

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